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Total Transactions: 910

Total Amount: -$36,645.38

12/15/2023Online Banking transfer to CHK 8098 Confirmation# 1768108907-$10,000.00
12/12/2023Hao Liu Morse-$1,520.83
12/12/2023Jenny Ma 688 Morse-$760.42
12/12/2023Hong Bi 688 Morse-$1,140.63
12/12/2023Morse Ave Payment$7,422.00
12/12/2023Flying 688 Morse-$760.42
12/12/2023Yan Wang 688 Morse-$760.42
12/12/2023Lin Zhang 688 Morse-$760.42
12/12/2023Qingyang Song Morse-$1,140.63
12/12/2023Cindy 688 Morse-$380.21
12/11/20237968 Lover Payment$2,791.61
12/11/2023Online Banking Transfer Conf# aa4r5gad2; Song-$770.83
12/11/2023Richard Chao 7968 Lover-$2,721.48
12/08/2023Jenny Ma Cupertino Payment-$406.25
12/08/2023Richard Chao Cupertino-$1,625.00
12/08/2023Cindy O'Leary Cupertino-$812.50
12/08/2023Online Banking Transfer Conf# c83rn5jza; BI-$770.83
12/08/2023Cupertino Payment$5,416.67
12/08/2023Jie Zhang 917 Dup-$5,781.25
12/08/2023Hao Liu Cupertino-$2,031.25
12/08/2023Le Zhang 917 Dup-$1,156.25
12/08/2023Dongye Pan Cupertino Payment-$406.25
12/07/2023Lin Zhang San Leandro-$406.25
12/07/2023Jenny Ma Oakland-$1,958.33
12/07/2023WEBSTER DEVELOPMENT Oakland-$2,447.92
12/07/2023Flying Oakland-$1,223.96
12/07/2023Hao Liu Oakland-$1,419.79
12/07/2023WESTERN CAPITAL Oakland-$8,939.79
12/07/2023Qingyang Song Oakland-$753.96
12/07/2023Lisha Yin Oakland-$1,419.79
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